Visual programming tools

Little collection of visual programming tools. Check the wikipedia page on Visual programming language for more references.

Sequential-block | scratch like


The most known one.

!Sample Scratch 3 programs

Sample screenshots of Scratch 3 programs on with horizontal and vertical blocks


The most common base to build other ones (like Scratch).

!Screenshot of sample Blockly program

Sample screenshot of Blockly program


Blockly-based language for robots programming.

!Sample BitBloq programming environment

Sample BitBloq programming environment

Data-flow | node-red like


Well-known home automation tool.

!Screenshot of a node-red program

Screenshot of a node-red program


Conceptually similar to node-red, but different considerations in regards to UX. Read Xible's author comment on this.

!Screenshot of a sample Xible program

Screenshot of a sample Xible program


A WYSIWYG language for data processing.

!Screenshot of example luna program

Screenshot of example luna program


Hybrid visual/text programming. With a long story. Core doesn't look like it's open.

!Screenshot of vvvv's hybrid development environment

vvvv Hybrid development environment screenshot

Component connections

A visual programming language for microcontrollers.

!Sample screenshot of a program

Screenshot of a sample program